Terms & Conditions

The DigitalXpress © – Terms and Conditions

This app helps you have access and awareness of the latest news happening across the world. However, the following Terms and Conditions are applicable for downloading and accessing this application. Kindly ensure that you have read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using the app. If you do not agree to the terms, do not use the app as it will be considered as an indicator that you agree to them. Any queries regarding the terms or the app can be addressed at support@digitalxpress.app

App Usage

This app is designed as a friendly, social awareness platform, regarding what’s happening globally and not for any fraudulent activity. The app has been designed for blog/news sharing and writing, malicious intent of any kind (defamatory, fake news, threatening content, wilful introduction of virus, traditional type of jokes, selling any kind of product, copied content, sexual content and etc.) will be dealt appropriately.

  • No copyright or copied content
  • Voice should be clear
  • You should be confident while speaking
  • You must have a command over the language you choose to speak
  • Content should be on the topic
  • There should be some facts and figures in your content
  • No abusive content
  • No harmful speech against any religion
  • No bullying

General rules

The app is made for personal use. It is specifically designed to make other users aware about different types of news happening across the world so that they are alert and prepared. Thus by using this app, you are bound to agree to the following terms:

• Not using the app for any unlawful and illegal activities including copyright infringement.

• No illegitimate access to the app network and servers.

• No modifications, (re)formatting or translation of the app in some other language are permitted.


The app is user interactive with its content for public use. However, the source code and related software are owned by the blueorbits © and therefore all rights regarding those are reserved. Relevant data can be viewed, printed as well downloaded for personal use, however, the logo, trademark, are the propriety of the blueorbits © and should not be used without preceding written consent for the same.


The app is currently available free of charge, however, normal data charges (as per your service provider) apply for downloading and using the app on your mobile or tab. Roaming charges will be extra when the app is used outside the home territory. These are standard charges that are paid by all users while accessing the app. No separate fee is charged for using the app.

Use of personal information

The DigitalXpress © is an anonymous chatting app that provides you with a platform to practice freedom of speech without any harm to you. You can easily share the latest secret news, blog about your organization, corruption mismanagement in the government and etc, through this secret news app. However, while posting your story, it would be advisable to post the truth as you (not The DigitalXpress © ) will be considered liable for any false information disseminated.


This is a user-interactive platform, where posts are shared by the users across the world and therefore cannot be checked before they appear on the app. It is requested that users post only genuine reports of news. Any irrelevant information posted or any intentional damage done can be monitored and legal action taken against the user.